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[ Pdf Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ü namibia PDF ] by J.K. Rowling Ö Re read in December 2014 for Harry Christmas To You SO I HAVE A FEW NOTES ON THIS ONE at the beginning, Voldemort says to Wormtail, I will allow you to perform an essential task for me, one that many of my followers would give their right hands to perform OMG J.
K ROWLING FORESHADOWS EVERYTHINGGGG when the Weasley men come to Privet Drive through the Dursleys fireplace is just priceless Yet ANOTHER scene that I wish had made it into the movie We get to meet Bill in this book way earlier than in the movies, I might add , and Mrs Weasley is very disapproving of how Bill looks I love that Bill stood up for himself and was like NOBODY GIVE AN F HOW I LOOK, AND NEITHER DO IIIIII It was a nice thing to throw in there Dobby is also in this book , and seeing how different he is was really fun Harry and Ron fighting made my heart hurt so much All of the drama at the Yule Ball just made me SQUEEE because it s so obvious that Ron and Hermione like each other and they just don t want to admit it and GAH THE FEELS I also love how much Hermione stands up for what she believes in, which you can particularly see in this book She wants justice for the house elves, she won t let Ron get away with being an idiot like when he says he just wants a pretty girl to go to the ball with , and she is especially confident in this book as well Malfoy and many other people are constantly teasing her, but she is completely above it, and for that I admire her WHEN HARRY IS LISTENING TO HAGRID AND MADAME MAXIME AND HE SEES THE BEETLE IMAGINE IF HE HAD JUST STEPPED ON IT WOULDN T THAT HAVE BEEN GREAT I completely forgot about the part where Harry sees Barty Crouch on the Marauders Map He was so close to finding out something big, but then things got crazy and he didn t, but WHOA SO CLOSE Cedric s death hit me a lot harder than it ever has before He was such an amazing person, and I wish that he could have survived so him and Harry could have been buddies VOLDEMORT FORESHADOWS HORCRUXES IN THIS BOOK TWO MORE books UNTIL HARRY ACTUALLY LEARNS THOUGH.
ok so I think it s safe to say that this is one of my favorites in the series for sure Probably in the top 3.
To read reviews by me visit Views Reviews I seriously have no idea why I still review these books when I have nothing new to say I mean J.
K Rowling is perfect This series is perfect And I dream day night of going to Hogwarts So what I m going to do is, I m going to show you how I felt about this book When I started the book During the book At the end Umm Mam Rowling.
All in allSorry for the lame review, readers I just really don t know what to say.
This series has taken a damn TURN Watch my video review here One of my favorites in the series.
The ending always gets to me and breaks my heart.
A 86% Extraordinary NotesAfter a steady build, the series hits its stride Deep and layered, it goes down smooth, never seeming overly complex.

There is an incredibly somber mood that descends on me every time I finish this book in the series, and reading it with the illustrations did nothing to change that I felt the drawings were impeccable, and I loved how some of the characters were reimagined to look a different way than portrayed in the movies, my favorite being Mad Eye Moody Now, the long wait for the remainder of the illustrated editions.
This was the beginning of my addiction to POTter I had previously experimented with and enjoyed POTter on 3 different occasions, but could easily have walked away and never touched the stuff again Then, under some pressure from some POTterHEAD peers of mine, I tried the newest blend called the Gobletand everything changed As the warm, easy, potato chip prose crossed my blood brain barrier, euphoria ensued My inner child was smitten Iwashooked and Iwashappy Ignore the so called experts who say POTter is brain cell killing pap Don t listen to those jaded, book snobby squares Most of them are wound so tight they wouldn t know a good book if it sat on their face and wriggled POTter makes you feel good POTter makes you smile POTter makes you joyous and giggly Hell, POTter makes you want to use the word giggly POTter is enjoyable and fun That s enough for me So what made the Goblet so much addicting than the rest of the POTter I had tried Part of it was that I had already seen the movies up through Order of the Phoenix before I got my hands on genuine POTter The first 3 were fun but I felt like I had already been there done that as they were pretty faithfully adaptated for the screen Still enjoyable, but not enough to put the POTter monkey on my back Then came the Goblet of POTter and it was a big, huge, tightly rolled fatty at 750 pages The cut, diluted movie strain couldn t hope to be as potent as the primo original and the story was finally given the room to breathe and take on an epic feel It was completely addictive The world building details started coming fast and furious and the characters were given considerably increased depth Add that to Rowling s breezy, ear friendly prose and I found myself spaced out for hours turning the pages and still hungering for It s high praise indeed when I say that 750 pages did not contain a single dull, ploddy moment This was fun and wonderful and a pleasure to experience It deserves to be recognized for the iconic work that it is in the realm of YA fantasy Is it popcorn Certainly Is it a joy to read Definitely Is it one I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all lovers of feel good, comfort food YES 5.
0 stars Winner Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 2001 Nominee Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel 2001 Nominee Bram Stoker Award YA for Best Novel 2001 Here s some pics from the new Illustrated Edition Um Wow Yeah That was freaking FANTASTIC Probably my favorite so far, just wow oh my goshWHAT EVEN I feel empowered and sad at the same time sad becauseyou know 5 5 stars of course It Is The Summer Holidays And Soon Harry Potter Will Be Starting His Fourth Year At Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry Harry Is Counting The Days There Are New Spells To Be Learnt, Quidditch To Be Played, And Hogwarts Castle To Continue Exploring But Harry Needs To Be Careful There Are Unexpected Dangers Lurking